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The Sharonville 2030 Plan was adopted on September 8, 2020. Please read more about the adoption, and download the final version of the plan, below.

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The City is diligently working on drafting and reviewing chapters of the updated planning and zoning code. Scroll to Sharonville Code Update below to download and review draft documents.

Shaping the Future of Sharonville


Sharonville 2030 is a project that the city is undertaking to create a new comprehensive plan and a revised zoning code to help establish a clear direction for the future of Sharonville. The comprehensive plan will establish the city's goals for elements such as land use, economic development, housing, transportation, utilities, and parks, just to name a few. The zoning code will help modernize the city's land use regulations, which addresses how buildings and properties should be designed and how they can be used, while also implementing the recommendations of the plan.


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Sharonville 2030 will be a community driven effort where the community members will have a variety of opportunities to help craft the plan’s policies and provide feedback on the plan and code language. Over the course of the next 18 months, Sharonville staff members along with the firms of Compass Point Planning and McGill Smith Punshon, will be facilitating a number of public meetings, online surveys, and other forums where community members can provide ideas that will then be incorporated into the plan. This website is designed to be a central location to find out more about upcoming events, review feedback gathered during past events, and review or download reports and drafts of the plan and code as they become available.

September 2020 Update

On September 8, 2020, the City of Sharonville City Council adopted the Sharonville 2030 Comprehensive Plan (Resolution 2020-R-16). The plan, which can be downloaded under the Project Files tab of this site or by clicking HERE, will serve as a guide for future development. Moving forward, the City will begin work on the implementation strategies as identified in the plan. Some of these strategies may require additional funding, review, and/or authorization from City Council. One of these implementation strategies is to update the City of Sharonville Zoning Code, a project that was authorized as part of the overall Sharonville 2030 project. This update is intended to modernize the City's land use regulations addressing issues such as land uses, building and site design, fences, signs, landscaping, accessory structures, etc. Due to the COVID-10 pandemic, the public engagement process be tailored more to provide a safe environment for involvement. Read more about the current process and information further below on this page.

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Sharonville 2030 Zoning Code Update

Zoning Code Update Process

There are four major tasks that are part of the zoning code update process.

  • Task 1: Project Initiation - This first task is intended to gauge where the issues are with the current code and begin to identify potential areas of change.

  • Task 2: Code Evaluation - This task results in the creation of a code evaluation report that uses the public input to date, including that from the planning effort, to develop a narrative on where the City should consider significant changes, a chapter-by chapter analysis of the existing code, and a proposed outline of the updated code.

  • Task 3: Drafting - This task includes the actual writing of the updated zoning code with periodic review by a technical review committee and posting of the drafts on this website for public comment.

  • Task 4: Adoption - The final task will be adoption of the updated code with a public hearing in front of Planning Commission and City Council.

There will be opportunity for public input and comment throughout these four tasks, both online and at in-person events within the City.

Zoning Code Documents - To Date

Below are two documents prepared as part of the zoning code project, to date. The first document is a summary of the results from a series of three zoning surveys distributed to the community in the Spring of 2020. The second document is the code evaluation report, identified in Task 2 under the process, that was presented to the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals on September 9, 2020. 

Draft Chapters

Over the first half of 2021, Sharonville Staff, the Sharonville 2030 Review Committee, and the City's consultants have been working on draft chapters of the updated code. The following are the chapters that have been reviewed to date, which includes all but four chapters. We are providing a copy of the full draft (minus the chapters that still require review) in a single document as well as the ability to download individual chapters. Each chapter includes a one-page summary of changes to be aware of and each chapter also includes a series of references and footnotes to guide you through the thought process. Comments can be provided as noted in the included memos or as noted after the list of chapters.

Full Code

Click on the image below to download one file that contains all chapters drafted before November 8, 2021.


Individual Chapters - As of November 8, 2021

Below is a list of individual chapters and components. Click on any individual chapter you wish to download. 

Comments or Questions?

You have multiple options to submit comments or questions on the zoning code update project or the materials provided above:

  1. You can contact the Community Development Department, by phone, at 513-563-0033

  2. You can send an email to Jamie Kreindler, City Planner for the City of Sharonville at jkreindler@cityofsharonville.com.

  3. You can leave a comment via the Contact Page of this website by clicking on the tab at the top of the page or on the "Provide Feedback" button above.


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Upcoming Event - Sharonville 2030 Zoning Code - TBD

The consulting team and staff are currently working to plan for an upcoming, in-person event where you can learn more about the zoning code update project. Once a date and format are established, we will post more information on this website. Make sure to sign up for updates above so you can receive periodic email updates on the zoning code project.

Upcoming Event - Sharonville 2030 Zoning Code - TBD

Sharonville 2030 Open House - June 5, 2019

Below is a list of past major events related to the Sharonville 2030 Comprehensive Plan. More information on these events can be found on the Project Files tab of this website.

 Sharonville 2030 Public Workshop - May 15, 2019

Sharonville Business: Beers, Bites & Big Ideas - April 18, 2019

Sharonville 2030 Kick-Off Public Meeting - January 23, 2019